Drainage for New Homes in Canterbury

New Home Drainage Solutions at Mack Drainage

This is the core of our business, we install around 200–300 new home drainage systems each year.

We will come on the day that is booked, but we will be flexible if your concrete placer needs to move the pour.

Trenching then laser grading a base of chip is how it should be done and how we do it. Unfortunately a lot of companies just dig the trench by eye, then throw the pipe on the dirt and cover it in chip to cover up their poor work for the inspection.

Doing a tidy backfill and compacting the main lines will keep the other tradies happy and off your case

Building a new home is an investment, both emotionally and financially. One of the most overlooked aspects of this investment is the drainage system, which plays a pivotal role, and is fundamentally one the most important steps to get right.

New Home Drainage, Mack Drainage

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Our Approach to New Home Drainage

Consultation & Site Evaluation: Our process begins with a thorough understanding of your property's topography, soil type, and the architectural layout of your new home. By analyzing these elements, we can design a drainage system that integrates seamlessly with your property.

Customized Drainage Design: No two homes are the same, and neither are their drainage needs. At Mack Drainage, we believe in crafting customized solutions. Whether you require French drains, channel drains, or sump pumps, our team is adept at creating a drainage blueprint that meets the specific needs of your home.

Quality Installation: Our team comprises seasoned professionals who bring expertise and precision to every project. Using high-quality materials and cutting-edge techniques, we ensure that your new home's drainage system is installed to last.

Post-installation Support: At Mack Drainage, our commitment doesn't end once the drainage system is in place. We offer post-installation checks and support to ensure everything functions seamlessly.

New Home Drainage, Mack Drainage
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At Mack Drainage, we ensure that your new home is equipped with a drainage solution that not only functions efficiently but also enhances the overall value of your property. If you’re in the Canterbury region and are building a new home, trust Mack Drainage to provide you with a drainage system that offers peace of mind and lasting durability.

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